Our Story

  • January 2009 ID_Land formed from humble beginnings in a single office on Albert Road in Melbourne
  • August 2009 Acquired 30 hectare parcel in Mernda for what would become Fairview
  • September 2009 Acquired Taylors Road, Plumpton adjacent the hugely successful Caroline Springs in Melbourne’s west
  • December 2009 Fairview launches with the first stages a sellout success
  • May 2010 ID_Land acquires first regional project in Armstrong Creek growth area in Geelong with 550 lot Watermark project being created
  • June 2010 Acquired first 52 hectare land parcel in Truganina in Melbourne’s booming west for what would become our landmark Elements project
  • November 2010 ID_Land ventures South East with the acquisition of the 250 lot Potters Grove project in Officer
  • December 2010 Elements becomes major masterplanned community with the acquisition of an adjoining 52 hectares of land
  • April 2012 Potters Grove hits the market before all competitors in the new Officer precinct
  • October 2012 Our medium density business is formed with the acquisition of 7,000sqm of land in Brunswick for The Barkly
  • December 2013 The Barkly is launched and is a runaway success selling out in 8 weeks
  • November 2014 Elements is launched setting a new standard for Melbourne’s west and selling hundreds of lots in its first year
  • December 2014 ID_Land creates 1,000 lot project by acquiring 65 hectares of land adjacent to our Plumpton land holding
  • April 2015 Watermark in Geelong launched to the market with stages 1, 2 and 3 selling out in quick succession
  • July 2015 Strategic 42 hectare parcel acquired in Wollert adjacent Aurora masterplanned community which is to become Amber
  • February 2016 ID_Land’s medium density business expands with acquisition of Pascoe Vale for a boutique townhome development
  • July 2016 1.7 hectares of Port Melbourne acquired in Fishermans Bend precinct for major redevelopment into 120 townhomes
  • November 2016 Successful launch of Amber – Wollert’s newest boutique community
  • April 2017 ID_Land’s medium density business further expands with an acquisition of a 64 townhouse site in Hadfield
  • June 2017 Prospect, ID_Land’s boutique townhouse development launches in Pascoe Vale
  • June 2017 ID_Land launches – The Walter, Hadfield.
  • July 2017 ID_Land announces its entry into the housing construction market, with the launch of Shape Homes
  • August 2017 ID_Land announces the acquisition of a 1.42 hectare site in Yarraville.
  • August 2017 ID_Land launches – Attwell, Plumpton.
  • February 2018 ID_Land’s acquisition of two adjoining sites in Barkly Street, Brunswick, represents the developer’s first foray into the apartment market
  • February 2018 ID_Land acquires a 24-hectare parcel of land near its current Watermark project
  • April 2018 ID_Land launches Rosewood
  • June 2018 ID_Land acquires a 75 hectare site at 39 Willowbank Road, Gisborne
  • July 2018 ID_Land launches Glenlee, Charlemont
  • April 2019 ID_Real Estate launches offering Property Management services
  • October 2019 ID_Land launches Yarraville Place, Yarraville
  • November 2019 ID_Land launches Willow, Gisborne
  • March 2020 Amber GAIC-WIK Agreement announced as School Site is transferred to the State Government for a future Primary School
  • August 2020 ID_Land commences construction at Willow, Gisborne
  • September 2020 ID_Land launches Canvas, Brunswick
  • September 2020 First two stages achieve titles at Glenlee, Armstrong Creek
  • November 2020 ID_Land announce the addition of a 3.5-hectare school to the Willow master plan as the State Government confirmed its purchase of the site!
  • December 2020 Willowbank Primary School is announced as the official new name of Willow’s new primary school
  • January 2021 ID_Land announces a $40-million acquisition of a 37-hectare site in Armstrong Creek
  • February 2021 Watermark, Armstrong Creek sells out
  • February 2021 Yarraville Place, Yarraville sells out
  • March 2021 ID_Land launches Port Lane, Port Melbourne
  • April 2021 ID_Land launches The Reserve, Armstrong Creek
  • April 2021 ID_Land unveil its latest acquisition – a 2.8ha site in South Morang, which will add 100+ townhomes to our growing portfolio
  • April 2021 Attwell Display Village officially opens – with nine of Victoria’s Best Builders on show
  • June 2021 Wollert West Primary School located at Amber receives State funding
  • June 2021 Builder Appointed at Canvas, Brunswick
  • June 2021 First Stages title at Willow, Gisborne
  • July 2021 Canvas, Brunswick and Port Lane receive silver awards in the 2021 DRIVENxDESIGN Melbourne Design Awards
  • July 2021 ID_Land announce two regional acquisitions in Gisborne and Armstrong Creek, adding $400m to its pipeline
  • August 2021 Construction of the 98 townhomes at Yarraville Place begins
  • September 2021 Port Lane, Port Melbourne sell outs after only six months in market
  • September 2021 Amber Wollert sells out
  • October 2021 ID_Land expands into Queensland with acquisition in Walloon
  • November 2021 ID_Land supports Crazy Ideas College in Geelong
  • November 2021 Rosewood sells out
  • December 2021 ID_Land secures a school for Elements, as Victorian Government announces Truganina North Secondary School (interim name)
  • January 2022 Willowbank Primary School opens for first students at Willow, Gisborne
  • February 2022 ID_Land purchase 59ha in Clyde
  • February 2022 Construction Commences at Port Lane
  • April 2022 ID_Land launches Dawn, Walloon
  • June 2022 The Dawn Walloon Display Village is officially opened
  • July 2022 Our Queensland team move into a permanent office in Brisbane
  • August 2022 The Regional Park at Glenlee opens
  • September 2022 ID_Land launches The Crescent, South Morang
  • November 2022 Canvas, Brunswick officially tops out at Level 10
  • February 2023 Willow, Gisborne’s Display Village is officially opened
  • March 2023 ID_CORP launches new business venture “Next Living”
  • March 2023 Crane comes down at Canvas, Brunswick
  • June 2023 Construction Commences at The Crescent, South Morang
  • December 2023 Yarraville Place wins 2023 UDIA Victoria – Urban Renewal award
  • January 2024 ID_Land commences 15th year in business
& Beyond

ID_Land will continue to grow our residential communities and projects by focussing on well located, high amenity locations throughout Australia to add to our future pipeline.

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